For detailed installation instructions, please refer to the installation page. For a full list of changes, see the changelog.

ReX latest build

This is the most recent stable build, almost identical to the latest official release in terms of functionality with just minor bug fixes and possibly small improvements not listed in the changelog. This is the recommended version for daily usage.

ReX v. 0.9.4 build ID 202405170720 (2024-05-18 official release – see below)

ReX official releases

Below you can find the three most recent official releases. Keep in mind though that the documentation refers in general to the latest build/release.

ReX v. 0.9.4 (2024-05-18)

ReX v. 0.9.3 (2023-07-04)

ReX v. 0.9.2 (2020-07-20)

ReX v. 0.9.1 (2019-08-19)


ReX.Cell v. 1.5

ReX.Cell v. 1.5 – no JRE included – UNSUPPORTED